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07/31/19  |   Annie Clougherty

Don't allow the process of selling your home to sour the next great adventure in your life. Compass Concierge will get your home ready to sell—and secure top dollar when you close the deal.

Don't Allow the Process of Selling Your Home to Sour the Next Great Adventure in Your Life. Compass Concierge Will Get Your Home Ready to Sell—and Secure Top Dollar When You Close the Deal.

When the time comes to write the next chapter in your life's story, it often means a fresh beginning in a different house, city, or state to begin your new once upon a time.

Of course, with the excitement of the unknown comes the reality of moving, and (spoiler alert) it can be the most stressful part of the adventure. Packing up boxes, changing addresses, transferring or canceling utilities—there's a lot to do, and in many cases, very little time in which to do them.

Oh, and that's without even mentioning what must be done to sell your home. Thankfully, this particular subplot has a very happy ending courtesy of the Compass Concierge Program.

What is Compass Concierge?

Compass Concierge aims to make the home selling process faster and less painful while delivering you a much higher return on your investment.
Offering a full range of services, the Concierge program works side-by-side with you, the seller, determining where improvements can be made to increase your home's value. From there, Compass coordinates what needs to get done and when, helping to give your home the modern, contemporary aesthetic that buyers desire. 

Compass Concierge does all of this without the worry of you having to pay any upfront costs or fees. 

Why Use Compass Concierge?

Buyers expect a lot when shopping for a new home. After all, it's the next step in their own story, and it's a narrative they want to share with others in the most modern of ways. We live in a digital age, so some of these methods could include:
  • Vibrant posts on Instagram
  • A series of chic pics on Pinterest
  • Snapchat's My Story 
  • A Facebook album

In other words, buyers are not shopping or touring the home you're trying to sell—they're curating it for the world to see. You'll want to make sure they see something spectacular.

Compass Concierge helps your home to achieve that perfect look and feel: everything from cleaning, decluttering, and staging to inspections, repairs, and improvements that will help close the deal with even the most discriminating of buyers.

A Few More Things to Consider

Unconvinced that a little extra effort goes a long way to selling your home and getting top dollar for it? Consider the importance of simply staging your home when selling, according to the National Association of Realtors:

  • 83% of buyer's agents say that staging makes it easier for buyers to visualize it as a place to potentially call home.
  • 53% of seller's agents say that staging reduces the time a home stays on the market.
  • 44% of buyer's agents note that staging increases the value of an offer.
Remember, modern buyers don't want to be sold; they want to be wowed. So wow them, and allow Annie Clougherty and Compass Concierge help you start writing the next amazing chapter in your personal story a little sooner.
Work with us. Annie Clougherty is about reputation, dedication, communication, tenacity, and results—24/7. An OC native, Annie and her team are ready to provide you unparalleled service and deliver to you positive results for all of your Newport Beach real estate needs.


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