Thirsty Thursday in our Team Duffy

09/25/20  |   Annie Clougherty

This week we took #thirstythursday out on the bay in our team Duffy we have through Pacific Electric Boat Company

This week we headed out on our Team Duffy that we have through Pacific Electric Boat Company to celebrate Jen's 21st birthday.
It is always so much fun to be with these smart ladies on the bay!!! Each of them is unique and brings so much to our team, so I thought let's do some fun facts today about each of them!!
Jen McDonald - other than being her birthday tomorrow, did you know:
Jen is half Armenian.
She doesn't drink white wine - too many rough mornings!
She was a 4th and 5h grade teacher many years ago before her venture into real estate. 
Neda DeSigio - did you know:
She loves to be in nature, especially on a lake where she celebrated her birthday in July.
She has a photographic memory when it comes to fashion (she is a fabulous dresser).
If she wasn't in real estate, her dream career would be a talent agent.
Racquel Davidson - did you know:
She used to be a dance teacher.
She is a major foodie and loves to cook and has an Instagram blog called @girlwithafork.
She has never left the country and doesn't have a passport
Kaitlin Willhoit - did you know:
She is a fabulous mother of 2.
She also rus the Operation of Willhoit Construction
She worked as a veterinary tech and graduated from Chapman University, with a bachelors in health science before Willhoit Construction and Real Estate.
Madison Weaver - our newest member and Operations Manager - did you know:
She loves to snowboard.
She cannot live without coffee.
She is an avid reader and she is currently working on the "100 Best Books of the 21st Century" list. 
Finally me - did you know:
My mom changed my name when I was 3 months old. I was born Leslie Jean.
Halloween is my favorite holiday and I love to dress up and do any kind of dance or impersonation, especially if it involves karaoke.
I majored at UCSB in audiology and I planned to work in hospitals and help the hard of hearing and deaf before I stumbled into this career back in 2001.
Cheers to you all and hope you have a little fun today on this Thirsty Thursday!

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